Thursday, April 2, 2009

Plush you

Heidi Kenney is my most favorite plush gal! They are all handmade and too cute! 
She is so awesome Kidrobot made Yummy Breakfast keychains of her plushes. 
Just thought I would share all her cuteness with you! She creates a ton more than just plushes - fabric, lil bags, the most tasty looking food, etc.

I saw this lil smurf over the weekend! I have a bunch of small smurf toys, but not a giant one! I like him! $20.00 at Urban - no thanks!
For my Red Velvet Art class one project was to embroider pictures, so I did. It's tricky though, because it's tough getting the needle through the paper. If you do this use a thimble! 
Birthday cake plush for Kris! Kris lives in Boston so I can't make her a real cake obviously. She's getting alil plush pink cake!
Fat kid loves cake :) After I made this I couldn't find it, because Mickey thought it was his toy.

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Schmancy said...

Heidi will be in this year's plush you show again. @

thereddeer said...

Cute plush cake :D. I love Heidi's plushies too!