Sunday, April 19, 2009

So pretty

Here are a lot of pictures! Pretty things I thought I'd share!
I went to Anthropologie yesterday looking for Mother's Day gifts and graduation gifts for lil Lo!
This would like perfect for pei wei take out!!!

I want to make this!!!!

For the boos - molly and adam :)
They love owls, because they saw an owl of the first date - they're married now.

Oh my lil Robbie! Some smurf icecream!

I would like to wear this white lacey (grease lightning) dress for a wedding dress!
And the lucky brides maids can duke it out for the pink and yellow ones :)
I really do love them! I think it's fitting!

You know in cartoons when the characters eye is huge behind the magnifine glass, well lookie here! :) I now want a magnifine glass or two!!!
Oh these are life vest for dogs, they were in this WAY over priced dog store!
It cracked me up seeing all these poor dogs dressed up in tutus and glittery stuff - the owners looked just as ridiculous, so there you go! But where else can you find a doggie life vest! Mickey can safely go boating now ;)

And B for beckaroo!
Oh there's more pictures on my flickr!

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*karen said...

All so lovely! I feel for dogs dressed up in tutus. Not sure how I feel about doggie life vests. Seems a bit unnecessary, but these are eye-catching...

Thanks for sharing the prettiness.

apparentlyjessy said...

Woah, those teacups are so pretty! I love the dresses too, they would make perfect wedding and bridesmaids dresses for sure!

Pansieberry said...

ooo! lovely vintage-y teacups!! i have a few in my room that i keep knicknacks in (ie paperclips, jewelry, etc).
very cute magnifying glass photo.:)
thanks for following!


thereddeer said...

Love those tea cups and the owls too. Nice finds :)

rofling in tally said...

i literally just LOLed when i read the Oh...and these are dog life vest. hahahah did you buy ME anything for being your flavorite brother?

Mindless Rants said...

Those look like pictures that you would find in a 'random pictures' coffee table book - your amusing captions included!

Drea said...

I'm planning on ordering my Viva the nautical printed life vest. :)

I love the tea cups all stacked up. Great picture.

Mandi said...

Such loveliness!!! :)

JulieTew said...

So pretty!! I loove those teacups!