Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Wants not needs....kinda

Yes, I do need these! Yes sir!

Lauren's gradutation is coming up, so I'll need some new heels ;) Some new Zombie Heels! with a fancy black dress! Done and done!Munny Bling! Just cute!

Not really a want or need, but it's a new 8 inch dunny!

And last but not least......Purple Bows from Polkadotrobot!

:) cute

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black vanilla rose said...

Love your blog!! And how adorable is that tee... i want :]

carly. said...

my boyfriend would love those heels....well, on me. haha! he loves zombies. and those are totally cute, love your idea with a black dress!

Andrea said...

zombie heels! really?
i actually love them and i think tmoss would love them as well! He has an odd obsession with zombies ... kinda like u and dunnies! dunnies are sooooooo creepy

lolo sr said...

flashbacks to my first birthday where you blew out my candles and ate my cake first jkjk

amber said...

hahaha lauren i saw that video on perez...did you realize what song it is? i was like omggg it's our "like beeyum beeyum beeyum beeyum" song! lolol

thereddeer said...

Love, love, love those zombie shoes!