Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Bright Ideas

Robots, robots, Robots :) So this is my newest bright idea - take this lil Love Bot and be craftie with it in all mediums. This idea came from The Spark, because they love all types of crafts. I "try" all mediums mostly. Not great at half of them, but still try. So I'm taking this lil Love Bot I drew and I'm going to stitch it, plush it, paint it, etc. 
Here it is printed, and then I used it for Valentine cards.
Here is the Love Bot stitched. She's not finished yet!
Here is my lil Love Bot painted! SO if you have any ideas tell me! Please!! 
Leave your idea in the comments please!! Oh and what's your favorite medium? Mine's quilting!

Here's my lil Mickey looking as cute as can be!

I got the Vamp Fang Necklace! And here is my green Frankenstein heart that I love soooo much!

Here is a super cute lil fox for my cousin Robbie, who is graduating from Kindergarden this Friday! He's a Fox - his last name, so I thought he'd love this!

Another bright idea - Look what I got! Tada!
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*karen said...

Awww, I don't know who's the cutest in this post!

apparentlyjessy said...

I love the robot valentines cards...so cute, you should make a robot plushie!
I prefer hand embroidery as my favourite medium...
LOVE those necklaces...very awesome!
The fox it too cute!
What is the last photo of? Might be cause I am Australian... something for Starbucks?

thereddeer said...

Cute little robot - although I can't really think of anything else to make with him - way too early in the morning to be creative :P

Cool necklaces too :)

lolo sr said...

1. its weird and funny that you got a starbucks black card bc you literally only like one drink on the menu...crazy person

2. you should screen print the robot on v-neck cream or gray colored t-shirts...cute

3. you should make the robot into a necklace!

4. does mickey miss pumpkinhead?

Becky said...

Jessy - si it is for starbucks :) and as my sister, Lauren pointed out I really only love one drink there lol and now with that lil card I get a discount Lauren ;P and birthday treats lol

lolo sr said...

you should make the v-neck t-shirts!!! i would wear one :) and on the back at the bottom you should have it say "Strumpet's Crumpets" (right justified...as in on the right side)

brther said...

nooobody misses pumpkin, except the big white sheep.

ashleyrwatts said...

How cute is all this?! I love how you're incorporating into all different sorts of mediums - I can't wait to see the plushie!

Hmm...my favorite medium?? Wow! It's really hard to choose just one...I love trying everything. I do hope to get a gocco printer soon, though...that would be soo much fun!

Itsy Bitsy Spider said...

Thanks for sharing the my little fox in your treasury of cuteness! I hope your little fox totally enjoyed it!