Monday, May 18, 2009

Ending is better than Mending! - No!!!

Went to Ikea...and I still have mixed feelings! It was incredibly overwhelming.
The fabric was cool, but it's mostly for home decor not quilting. 
Here's my sister acting like a robot and saying "Ending is better than mending!" It's a saying from Brave New World. Everything in Ikea is totally disposable. Like your not passing your Ikea bookshelf down to your kids and grandkids. I think I'm over thinking it. 

New lil Gamma Mutant Space Friends by Tara Mcpherson! I just love them I think they're soooo cute.

Lil lizard in the bathroom! I had to catch him in a shoebox and let him back outside. Lil trickster!

Finally I got my Money Cat Dunny! This is my Money Cat Dunny, yours is not even at Kidrobot!
So cute!

Mickey looking cute with all his brown tears off his eyes. I'm not sure why but white/light dogs have brown tears. Mickey goes bananas if you try to get them clean. Lil Mags was able to get Mick's eyes clean! Thank you Mags!
I did absolutely zero craftiness this weekend! I ate alot, hung out with friends and family, and went to IKEA dundundun. But I did see this and I'm going to make them for my lil cousin and Eli's bdays! I bought the hoodies, and now I just have to make them! I can't wait to have kids - they are going to either love me or be totally embarrassed of me :) 
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beingbeatrice said...

Ikea is a god send for cheap home stuff over here (UK), but its definitely not a crafters paradise!

However, like you said, it does have good fabric, cheap, which you can use for just about anything...

I got my bed frame & a bright red coffee table from IKEA!

Drea said...

I love your money cat dunny. :)

Andrea said...

Maggles prob just scared lil Mickoronis eyes clean! lol

apparentlyjessy said...

I love visiting Ikea, its just fun to explore the huge store! I agree that their fabric range isn't really for anything more than home decorating.
hehe, that lizard is so cute!

cabin + cub said...

Love the Lucky Cat Dunny... so cute! ;)

Pansieberry said...

i love the red pin cushion on the right side of one of the looks very victorian

thereddeer said...

Love the money cat dunny - how many do you have now?

Becky said...

Alicia - I counted and I have 53 dunnys :) yikes that's alot! I have some at home and some in my office at work! 52 - 3 inch and 1 - 8 inch, Where do you get yours over there? Urban outfitters, and some lil toy places have them in tampa.

chelseybell. said...

oh my goodness. all of your posts are so cute. love the beginnings of your sugar skulls quilt, and your robot projects are all beyond adorable!