Thursday, May 28, 2009

Future Artists

This is LoLo, my sweet cousin, the up and coming artist! She just graduated Kindergarten with all gold stars! After her performance we got to look at all her artwork!

Lolo drew this fellow below! I'm impressed, and she's only 6, so I'm double impressed!

This is her Ben Franklin!

I told my uncle Lolo is going to be a future Strumpet artist ;)
He always teases me about the blog name! Oh Uncle John!
This is my other cousin, Robbie! He also graduated from Kindergarten!
In this picture I told Robbie to look smart (like the scarecrow from OZ) lol.

This is Robbie's self portrait! He's so awesome!

I feel so lucky to gave these kiddos in my life!

Congratulations lil Lo and Robbie! I love you very much!
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Indy Grrrl said...

SO cute! The art is great : )

Andrea said...

OMG! LoLo draws better than I do! Wow I am impressed. Love it!

thereddeer said...

Wow - she is talented for sure! Really good works.

Molly Le Blanc said...

Strike a Pose is amazing!! Absolutely love it - and the shading around the person - wow. So good!

daNgo said...

Oh wow, congrats to the kids. That strike a pose looks really really cool. Looks very commercial-ish. Thats no strumpets artist, that's a graphic designer in the making!

Katherine said...

how great are these!?!?! i love children's art. :)