Monday, May 4, 2009

good weekend

My sister, Lauren, graduated summa cum laude from FSU this weekend!
If you don't know what that is don't feel bad neither did I! Explanation: So there's the good students, then the great students, and then there's the totally awesome, did better than 98% of the students, and that is my sister! :)

I'm incredibly proud of her!

Nina and I at the graduation, she was my lil shadow for the day!

Double Dunnies and a Heidi Kenney's sad watermelon! He's sad because I keep getting double dunnies!

Andrea and I snuck away to Quarter Moon, my favorite shop in Tallanasty. I got this! In 3 weeks you do!

It was a nice weekend with my family, and friends, listened to The Kite Runner on the 4 hour drive back and forth, ate breakfast in the sunshine :) just good!

ps everyone should read The Kite Runner, is soooo good. (I was crying listening to it in the car - not super safe lol)

Sneaker love :)

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black vanilla rose said...

That's so awesome about your sister graduating, you must be so proud of her... now she's officially totally awesome :) I love your sneakers too, i need to get a decent pair for winter since it's fast approaching

Thanks for following through with the tag aswell, it was the first time i'd been tagged too so i share your excitment!!hehe xoxo

Euphoria said...

You are SO pretty!

Congrats to your sister- that is a major accomplishment!!

Nina's sneakers ROCK!, The Kite Runner is one of my FAVORITE movies ever! SO sad, huh!?...and THANK YOU for tagging me! I've never been tagged before- WOO HOO!

Becky said...

Well thank you! you are too cute too! Glad to have our first tags together :)