Thursday, May 7, 2009

painting pretty

Yesterday and today I painted, but I'm not a great painter lol, especially when my pup wants to lay right in my lap while I'm painting! Also when my lil pup, Mickey, is humping his stuffed lamb - this makes painting even more difficult for me - I was painting on the bed which is probably a bad idea :) But it's coming along (no pun gross)!

My brother, Danny, was tell me that his girlfriend, Anna, who I have yet to meet, but very much want to, paints and is crafty!!!! I was stoked that she liked reading my blog, but I'm even more stoked to learn she is crafty!!

Here are some of her paintings:

She made this tree for my brother! awwww

I just think these are sooooo creative and beautiful!

I love the girl and the umbrella! She has Coraline boots :)

Anna hurry to Tampa so we can hang out! You need to give me painting tips!


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AnnaBanana said...

Becky!! You are so cute and I may or may not have had THE biggest smile on my face when I was reading this. You are so sweet! I love reading Strumpets :] Can't wait to meet you!

P.S. I'll be home this afternoon :]

Becky said...

:) Me tooo, thank you for being so sweet! You are super talented!

Euphoria said...

Anna's paintings are beautiful- I love the tree one!

Euphoria said...

Just saw Anna's paintings on the Moxie Fab blog! YAY Anna!!

lolo sr said...

WOW...those paintings are so cool. i really really like the tree!!!

p.s. anna, if youre reading this, this is danny's other sister lauren...cant wait to meet you!

AnnaBanana said...

Thanks Becky! Thanks Lauren! Can't wait to meet you both!

Becky- I hope Danny told you I stole the idea off etsy. I don't want people to think I'm that creative and I don't want to take all the credit!

Drea said...

What a cute pup. And Ana's tree painting is awesome, but where's yours? :P

thereddeer said...

Where are the pics of your paintings?