Thursday, May 21, 2009

Rain rain go away!

I finished embroidering this lil Love Bot!
Now I have three mediums completed - paint, embroidery, and print. I have a list of 13 different ideas, and I'm going to try them all!
My sweet lil Mickey!
New quilt book! I've wanted this book for a bit now! 
The main reason I bought it was this quilt! Because what I need is some new projects ;)

I saw this on Tokidoki! This lil rompers are so cute! Carly had them on her blog and I love them!

Here is another unfinished project for my dad, it's like a year old. Daddy you're getting it for this Father's Day (fingers crossed)!!

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thereddeer said...

Robot looks super cute!

I like the embroidery you are doing for father's day too. Very cool.

Euphoria said...

dude, really?! Where do you find the time to whip these projects out?!?! You are truly a craft diva! love all your stuff... super rad!

carly. said...

your little bots are too cute. i love the embroidered one...if only i knew how to embroider...hmph!

jumpers are greeeeeat!! i love tokidoki too; i have the cutest dress from there! but back to rompers, i think everyone should have at least a couple! i'm wearing my loungy/jammy one right now and i wore my favourite green one yesterday. they are the best! and soooo comfy.

Amber Zimmerman said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog! I LOVE those robots. . .especially the embroidered one. I have so many embroidery projects started and not finished. Oh to have more time. . . =) Have a wonderful weekend!

Miss Wanderlust said...

ooooh my goodness, those robots are so cute!! Also I can not wait to see some of your quilts. I have just recently become obsessed with them and since I love your style, Im sure I will love them :)

*karen said...

You look like you've been keeping yourself busy. Love the robots and I have that book too :o)