Thursday, May 7, 2009

Some things :)

Reminder New Office tonight kiddos!

New thifted Quilting Book from Pop!
Mickey has needed extra attention lately
He's too cute!
I get to see this! And I'm super stoked about it :)
I love these! 1. Because Heidi Kenney is super awesome and 2. because we can be twinsies lol

I was in Renown, a local clothing store recently, and the owner was saying he wanted to purchase new shopping bags for the shop. I think he needs these! I think baby faced tattooed boys would like them too. Just a thought!

Also, every Saturday I go to starbucks for breakfast with Mickey, because he loves car rides, and the kid that works there speaks in a Irish accent. I thought it was fake and I was right!!! I went inside for once and heard him talking to another customer, NOT IRISH lol he works at the Renaissance Festival and likes to trick his starbucks customers. I told him he was kinda a weirdo (in a joking way of course). But he is lol -I think I'll start talking to customers on the phone in different accents - spice things up a bit lol
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carly. said...

those shopping bags are pretty sweet. probably pretty pricey too though.

also, where do you work?

Becky said...

at an exciting printing company lol - It's actually a fun job :) what do you do?

Euphoria said...

Shreeded beets huh? LOL

I will SO be watching The Office tonight- LOVE it!

thereddeer said...

Very cool shopping bags - and I like those tops too.

GraphXGrrl said...

I bet that's how he got the job!

alissa said...

haha beets - dwight would be proud. i like the shopping bags!