Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Sugar, sugar

This is my sugar skull quilt that I have not worked on in ages!
Yesterday I was going through all my half finished quilt and found it!
Robert sketched out the skull for me, because he has talent when it come to drawing and I have zero ;) Below is the quilt now (unfinished). See the two cross bones?

Now my aunt, she used the skull drawing and finished her's. She's kinda an overachiever lol plus her's is a scary skull not a sugar skull! It's very awesome!
I'm working on unfinished projects and trying not to start new ones. Key word - TRYING!!
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Lisa said...

Wowzers! That's a splendid looking partial quilt you have. Good luck with finishing things!

thereddeer said...

I have to finish my unfinished projects too :( - why is starting new things so much more fun?

Indy Grrrl said...


brother said...

i cant wait to get it!!

India Daisy said...

Oh my word, that is so flippen awesome...very cool!