Monday, May 11, 2009

Weekend Fun

Graduation Party for Lauren :)
I think we should still have one more, you can never have enough Farley Family Functions!Anna and Danny! I just love Anna, we had such a fun weekend with her! It was sad when she had to go back up to school! But hopefully she'll be back done during the summer! We still have to go to the new Ikea :)

Mickey is the cutest puppy ever with the worst haircut ever!
I cut it myself, because 1. I don't want to pay someone $50 to cut his hair and 2. Growing up we had pups who were soooooo scared of the groomer, they would shake and bark - I'm not doing that to lil Mick! - thou our lil cousin, LoLo, goes "What happened to Mickey?" lolol

Still working on Lauren's Graduation Quilt! Still seam ripping it all apart!

I did actually finish a few things (for a change)
Lil Dino transfer!

GodSpeed Brand transfer!

J for Jax transfer!

And alil Blue Bird for my grandma!

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Miss Wanderlust said...

Yay!!! you are so inspiring to me right now :) Thanks! BTW- you are soooo pretty!
Happy creating.

Drea said...

:) Your pup is so cute. Our persian hates being groomed so we have to take her to the vet twice a year to get a lion cut. It's $80,but if we don't she'll get matted and it'll start pulling at her skin. :(

carly. said...

your hair looks really cute like that! did you cut it as well? it looks shorter!

ally serrato said...

hmmmm,,, yeah ~ hi there cuttest blog in the whole wide world!!!!! thanks for stopping by mine,,, ill be back :-D

thereddeer said...

The transfers turned out really well :)

JulieTew said...

Your puppy is so cute!! I so wish I could quilt but I super suck at anything like that lol.

A "cheery" disposition said...

such a cute puppy. I bet that quilt will bo wonderful once it's finshed. I love that fabric!

Becky said...

janel - you should make the transfers!! I love all the stuff you make!

Drea - I know about matted-ness lol - that a good idea to go to the groomers, maybe they'll be more gentle!

carly- thank you!! no hair cut just darker in the back so you can't see it well - I need a hair cut actually! :)

Everyone else :) thank you!

Andrea said...

Just an FYI -- Your Hair looks amazing!!! in that pic -- Supppppper fretty!

Becky said...

Andrea I miss you sooooo much!!