Friday, May 8, 2009

almost the weekend

What's up kiddos :)

Here are the pieces I painted - kinda like a coloring book. 
This lil monster was drawn by Robert, and I'm borrowing it!
This is the God Speed Brand logo, and I'm making it cute tada!
Once these two pieces are finished I'll stain them. I like this transfer stuff!

oh and I met Anna last night and she is the BEST!!! hi anna :)
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Drea said...

The dinosaur is super cute. :)

Queenbeeghf said...

You and those paintings are too cute!

apparentlyjessy said...

These wood transfer painting look great! I am loving seeing the progress! x

Becky said...

thank you shani!! But I was just telling my sister today how pretty you are!!!!!! And she agreed :) hurry to fl!

thereddeer said...

Very, very cute little dinosaur :)

Euphoria said...

these came out so cool! I love the GodSpeed one- super cool!!