Tuesday, June 23, 2009


It's really simple. I love how every photo tells a story. Some short stories, some long tales. I want to know what is your favourite photo of yourself. Everyone has one. The photo they look at and smile. It reminds them of something, some time, some place. A moment in time.

So share the photo, share the story and then tag three other people. I want to see photos and stories all around the blogosphere.
This is my favorite photo, with my favorite lil gal, Rachel! This was taken last spring when Rachel read me a story. This was the first book Rach read, she was diagnosed with autism when she was very young, so this picture shows all the hard work she and her parents have done! 

Ok now I tag:
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apparentlyjessy said...

That is a lovely photo and story Becky. Thanks heaps for playing along! :)

Becky said...

:) Thank you! I think it's a neat tag - learn interesting new things about people!

ally serrato said...

precious :-D