Sunday, June 21, 2009

Happy Father's Day Daddy-O!

Happy Father's Day Daddy!
My mom and dad are on vacation, and it feels strange not to celebrate with them! I think this is a first! So here is my little celebration!This is my dad! I am 26 years old and I still call him daddy, I will til I'm 100.
Everyone says their dad is the best and I am no exception, but I'm 100% correct! ;)
My dad is the BEST!

My dad has a heart of gold, is extremely creative, very smart, the most patient person I've ever known (he has to be with us as his kids), he's an awesome husband (my parents have been married 28 years), always learning new things, grows a jungle in their background, great cook, photographer, understanding, very modest, easy going, very goofy, hard worker, just a completely wonderful person!
This photo is from an album my dad made my mother for her first mother's day (that fat baby is me).

The picture below cracks me up! We did this every year at Easter- why!? Danny, my brother wasn't born yet in this photo, but you better believe when he was he was up there with us!
Growing up I thought my dad was invincible! He was like a giant, but a gentle giant! Plus he is the type of dad that bought us hamsters, built us two play houses, plus a slide and swings, let me paint flowers on my bedroom wall when I was 12, bought me paints and canvas, took us to the zoo and aquarium all the time, half days at school meant Pizza Hut lunches, he hid Easter eggs every year, took all three kids camping, play in the pool with us, taught me so much about Florida, he was at every softball, basketball, volleyball game even through I was probably the worst player EVER :), I could go on and on, he's just awesome!

Happy Father's Day to all the awesome dads out there!
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daNgo said...

Lol... "daddy-o"

Well congratulations to daddy farley that has a girl that loves him so much, woot woot!

thereddeer said...

Such a cute post - your dad sounds awesome :)

ally serrato said...

i looooooove the easter family picture!!! ,,,sorry for blowing up your comments today,,, :-)

its me said...

happy father's day arts and crafts