Wednesday, June 24, 2009


Friendship Bracelets! 
I found a whole box of these friendship bracelets, plus embroidery thread last night from 4th grade! I'm going to make some tonight just for fun :) 

ps Lauren I miss you!
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ally serrato said...

nice ~ i swear i busted out a friendship bracelet a month or so ago,,, good times!!!

chelseybell. said...

my boyfriend and i have been trying to find the ones you could get at chucky cheese and skating rinks--the highlighter colored ones with orange and black specs. we haven't had any luck.

you look super cute in this picutre by the way!

betty said...

aww I used to make these too. So much fun.

carly. said...

can i be your friiiiiend? i would love a friendship bracelet!

i wore like a million on both wrists...and my ankles! i would make them up at the cottage and that was basically all i did, so i made them for eeeeveryone and had a hundred for myself too. haha. i made sooo many.

lets bring them back!!

GraphXGrrl said...

Makes me think of Girl Scouts all over again. lol

Euphoria said...

Oh yeya!! Taking it back to the old school! Friendship bracelets ROCK!! Can't wait to see what you come up with!


Pansieberry said...

oooo! they are so fun to make! i still wear mine sometimes (have a bunch from middle school).

thereddeer said...

old school yo!

lolo sr said...

friendship bracelet shmenship shmracelet...i could never make them look all cool like that one in the picture...i made mostly the ugly knotted ones...barfff

of course becky and amber stackle could make all the sweet jazzy ones...jkjk...but seriously

why does your computer die so fast?

did you watch the new trueblood? i didnt, but i found a friend with hbo to leach onto and watch it with MUAHAHAHAHAHA