Monday, June 15, 2009

Super Duper

The hoodie was a hit! He loved it!
He looked soooo cute! He wanted to go play baseball in the hoodie lol it was 93 degrees outside! Sometimes I think kids can handle heat better than adults. My siblings and I would spend practically every summer day out in the back yard! I never remember it being too hot to play. It must have to do with being carefree :)
I learn to do a good chunk of my projects with trial and error! When I've embroidered in the past I've used tracing paper, but did a little reading -and DUH carbon paper!!!! 
It works like a charm too! It's going to make embroidering a zillion times easier! 
I'm sure to most this is very obvious, but I was just teaching myself. 

So my dad's gift will get finished quicker and neater. When I would rip the paper away, it would always pull the thread. Only one little bummer is that the carbon paper is like $6 for a 8x10 sheet. You can use them over and over so that's a plus, but $6 for paper? 

I got some dunnys and toys while at Urban with my sister this weekend! And I had given up hope for the robot one, but look what I got!! Tada! Oh and a Clutter Dunny and a chaser toy from Tara Mcpherson's Gamma  Mutant Space Friends!

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apparentlyjessy said...

Ha! The hoodie looks awesome all finished! I agree, as a kid I don't remember worrying about the heat or cold as much as I do now.
Great to know about carbon paper, I will have to use that if I ever get on with giving embroidery patterns a try!

That robot dunny is pretty cool!


betty said...

Wow the embroidery looks amazing.
and I'm jealous of all your dunnys haha

thereddeer said...

Man you always make me jealous with your dunny purchases - I want!!

Carbon paper is a great idea too :D

ally serrato said...

becky that hoodie is sooo rad!!! can you make one for me ;-D ~ im so inspired to collect those little dude, guy, thingies you collect,,, last time i went to disneyland i bought four of the vinylmations and now i have the fever!!!

Pansieberry said...

the hoodie and the boy are soooo cute! how long did it take to make the hoodie?

Becky said...

Thank you ladies! get a dunny a month - it's a like gift to yourself AND it's a surprise everytime bc theyre blind box!

- The hoodie took me two evenings not fully focused, so you could finish one in about 2 or 3 hours. :) I really love them (hoodies), but then I love them more once the kiddos have them on - they are soooo precious!

Euphoria said...

Oh my- the hoodie ROCKS!! I LOVE how it turned out!!! Mad skills girly! mad skills I tell ya!