Tuesday, June 16, 2009

things that make me smile

Not to sound like a weirdo, but I'm a smiler. More often than not you'll find me smiling. I've met a few people who rarely smile - frowners- I think they are the weirdos! When I talk I smile, even if some gross old customer (i work at a print co.) calls me sweetie or babe - I just smile and hope he trips or something rotten ;)

But really I try to find the good in most things!

For example: I don't get to drive over the bridge to work now, but I get to see this little guy every time I walk out our new office front door.

He's always there! He's much brighter than any lizard I've seen normally. (we have lots of lizards in FL) I'm curious if he's indigenous to Florida? I like him because he doesn't run away when I go out the door. He also has this crazy orange neck piece that he sticks out, my dad told me it was to make lizards look like flowers to bugs - this is when I was younger - I not sure if it's true - sounds true right?

The moon makes me smile! I really love it when I can see the moon during the day! My favorite bedtime book for kids is Good Night Moon! I collect it in different languages, so one day I can make a goof of myself to my kids by attempting to read the book in these different languages.And there is nothing better than a full moon that lights the night sky up like it's day time!

Everyone should read this book! I've had it since I was little and never really knew how important it was. Find it! I found a second copy in a thrift/antique store - $3! It will make you smile!
Look I found it for you all!
I mean it! - Read it :)


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thereddeer said...

Lovely post :) - unfortunately I am one of those weirdos that frown too much :(

Euphoria said...

smiling weirdo! :o)

Sweet post, that Lizard is RAD!

Itsy Bitsy Spider said...

The lizard is a green Anole and they're a favorite in pet shops. Don't know if they're native to FLA, but my guess is that this guy was someone's pet since he doesn't run away.

The orange disk is called a dulap and it's used to attract a mate or to scare off possible competitors. When we were kids, we had Anoles as pets and we used to put a little hand mirror in front of them to get them to display :-)

P.S. Love your blog!!!

ally serrato said...

"i love smiling ~ smiling is my favorite" ~ name that movie ~ gooooo,,,,
i love this post by the way ~ totally sweet ~ i love smiling toooo ~ whatever jess ~ *smiling weirdo* ~ whatevs,,,,, :-D

apparentlyjessy said...

This post made me smile! :)