Thursday, July 30, 2009


I put together a FrankenDunny! Get it Frankenstein Dunny!
And I took pictures with my NEW iPhone! My other iPhone died, but this one is a zillion times better! No more tMobile for me!

Here he is! FrankenDunny!

With a big heart!

He turned out alil strange looking, he's not exactly what I pictured. The new iPhone has video, so I took this to test it!
Don't worry this won't be a regular thing lol!

This is just Mickey trying to eat the polyfil I used to stuff the frankendunny.
He loves lamb toys, and I think that's why he loves the polyfil -that and he's just weird.

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Wednesday, July 29, 2009

I finished the patchwork quilt top! I added a few more rows of white/colored blocks, and then added the border! I am very proud of the corners! I've never made corners like these, I didn't have a pattern or instructions. I just tried a few different ways and pretty much figured it out.

My lil pup, Mickey, was pouting and laying in the middle of the quilt because I wasn't giving him my full attention. Dogs are so goofy! 

I was so excited to see Euphoria started a patchwork quilt too! I love this mermaid fabric! She gave me the great idea to yarn quilt my quilt. I haven't ever done this before so I googled it :)

The first gal on google was one of my favorites, The PurlBee!

She gives great instructions for yarn tied quilts. I really love the look of yarn.
 It's simple and pretty.

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Tuesday, July 28, 2009


Yesterday, while reading my favorite blogs, I saw ALL these awesome paper pieced hexagons on Heidi Kenney's blog.
I was curious about the difference in paper piecing and just regular old sewing hexagons together. 
Answer: English paper piecing, a technique of stabilizing fabric with a paper template, is a sure way to guarantee accuracy. It is most effective for designs that don’t have long straight sides but do have numerous set-in corners, such as the hexagon shapes in a Grandmother’s Flower Garden quilt. -from the interweb

She also sent me a super helpful link to show paper piecing! I think I may try it! 

Above is my hexagon quilt! It's pattern is called Grandmother's Flower Garden, but since the fabric is all skulls I call it the Graveyard Quilt.

I taught lil Robbie to sewing using hexagons!

Here's a hexagon pillow I put together, but one side was off a bit and now it's alittle crooked lol

Above is from Solgrim's flickr! I think it is so beautiful!
This is such a great quilt from H.E.L.E.N's flickr! 
The star is wonderful with all the vintage fabrics. 

day 2
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Monday, July 27, 2009

my mermaid

my mermaid
Originally uploaded by becksorange
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Good Stuff

Very wonderful weekend!
Plus I got to knit in the car, while listening to Kanye, and didn't puke!

day 1
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Friday, July 24, 2009

Slow going

I've been working on this scarf thing for the past 4 night :) it's going verrrrrry slooooowly. Plus I haven't been able to put my Sookie Stackhouse Books down! I have to buy book 9! 

Have a wonderful weekend!
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I got him yesterday! It was tricky because there were only 1000 made, and at first the site said SOLD OUT! but then 5 minutes later (after a few seconds of pouting) the site said ORDER NOW, and tada I got my 8 inch Dunny
I'm alittle upset with Kidrobot, I had the wrong shipping address -YES, but I called in right after and gave the customer service guy the correct address, he said he changed it to the correct address! Great right!? Then I get an email saying no address changes, unless I want to pay $10 bucks to change it, so I emailed telling them someone took care of it. This morning I got the tracking # and it's going to the wrong address :( geez Kidrobot get your stories straight and try to help the customer! I get that I put the wrong address, but don't tell me it's corrected then SIKE! it's not! Just annoyed! But also super stoked!

This is my dunny, your's is SOLD OUT at kidrobot! ;)
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Thursday, July 23, 2009

Seeing Red

Pretty red things!

Etsy Dress!

Pretty Girl, pretty flower!

Always wonderful!

One of each please :)

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Wednesday, July 22, 2009


I am so stoked because I got my Heidi Kennedy giant donut!! 

Heidi Kenney is super awesome! Take a look at her blog!
I also got my Tokidoki Tiger Toy! 
I have just loved him for so long, and now I have him!
Look at his little tail and fangs! lol 
Last, but not least, little Mickey!
He gets bummed out if I don't give him my full attention. While I knit he attacks the yarn, so it will die and then I'll play with him! 

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Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Fancy Time

Since my sister will soon be living far away, all the girls in my family went to tea! When I tell people, "Oh I'm going to tea this weekend!" I get funny looks. But it's sooooo fun! You get to dress up, drink fancy tea, use fancy china, and not have to clean it all up if you go to an actual tea room.  I know this lil gal would love a good tearoom!
Fancy little sandwiches!

Super cute mini tea set. We had a tea set growing up, it was my mom's, and we would sneak it out when she wasn't home.  We would have tea parties with soda and saltines :) Pieces were broken, we got yelled at, and now the set is mine! Funny how things work!

I finally got to wear my new dress from sohomode on etsy!
We had a great time! If you're ever in Tampa go to Tea Rose Cottage in Ybor.
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So Deer

Crafty lil gal, Emily, makes these great plushies! 
I just love them! The colors are great and each one is different!

These lil guys are awesome and so much work goes into each one!

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Monday, July 20, 2009

Good Night Moon

Winking Moon and Venus! It is quite amazing!

I love a day time moon! If I sang that song from The Sound of Music, daytime moon would be on the list! I also love Good Night Moon, it's a wonderful children's book! Oh and look for Good Night Bush, equally as great, in a different way!

Good night to all the dreamers out there!

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Scarf in Summer

My sister's scarf is finished! 
She decided it is the color of coleslaw :) 
I think coleslaw may just be a southern thing, it's cabbage, carrots, and other veggies all mixed up with mayo - making the color of Lauren's scarf!
Mickey is always a help!

I'm sure everyone can tell my family is super close! Spending time together is extremely important to me, so what's better than sitting around watching Britney's Greatest Hits DVD, knitting, and teasing each other?  Not too much!
Now Lauren will be warm in Nashville in her coleslaw colored scarf! She looks pretty in any color so bring on the liver colored scarf!

I forgot how to end the scarf, but watch this very helpful video and quickly remembered!
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Look ma no pins.....

I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend! 
I did! Plus I actually got to sew! I bought some 30's style fabric last weekend, and decided to make a patchwork quilt! I had an idea in mind using all these 2.5x5 colorful pieces and white fabric. I do NOT think of myself as a "quilter" I'm still learning - I have a LOT to learn! But I try!

I did two techniques I've never tried before, first I did NOT use pins. Which made sewing go quickly, but it may not be perfect - oh well!
Second technique was NOT to stop sewing - I would take two pieces, sew them together, take two more, etc.  I just kept doing this and sewing went by quickly, and made this garland look below! I just thought they look cool!
Sewing is sometimes difficult because Mickey is so rotten!!! He gets pouty if I don't pay attention to him!

Tada! This is the almost finished quilt!

Half way finished! 

I love the look of the colors against the white! I hope to finish the top tonight!
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