Wednesday, July 1, 2009


I have been reading a lot, and not quilting, knitting, embroidering, etc. which I should be doing! Then to top it off I've been wanting to make friendship bracelets! ;) My brother, Danny, wanted me to make him a FSU (his school) friendship bracelet, so I did lol.

I'm not sure how you measure out the thread, I just guess. My sister and I both were given how to books years ago, I obviously can't find mine. 
So this is Danny's bracelet! Tada!

Here's one I started for fun - it takes forever to finish one bracelet, especially if they're thick. -that's what she said!

New Mishka Dunny :) 

Wrestling with little Mickey!

My brother, Danny playing with Mickey. He was taunting him with his leash. Mickey hates the leash, he wants to be free, not tied down!

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PaisleyJade said...

I love your bracelets.. and your doggy!

lolo sr said...

where's PUMPKIN????!!!??? i have a feeling that you all are totally ignoring him! he didnt get to join in on play time?

can you make me an fsu friendship bracelet too? pretty prease?

Becky said...

Thank you jade!

Lo, pumpkin head was nawing at a bone well we were playing, which he stole from Mickey, so lol there you go! And I'll teach you how to make your own bracelet this weekend ;)

thereddeer said...

Another dunny - jealous!!

Pansieberry said...

i like the school bracelet. :)
they are so much fun to make!

lolo sr said...

omg scroll down to the alice in wonderland pictures and then put them on your blog...kthxbai