Tuesday, July 28, 2009


Yesterday, while reading my favorite blogs, I saw ALL these awesome paper pieced hexagons on Heidi Kenney's blog.
I was curious about the difference in paper piecing and just regular old sewing hexagons together. 
Answer: English paper piecing, a technique of stabilizing fabric with a paper template, is a sure way to guarantee accuracy. It is most effective for designs that don’t have long straight sides but do have numerous set-in corners, such as the hexagon shapes in a Grandmother’s Flower Garden quilt. -from the interweb

She also sent me a super helpful link to show paper piecing! I think I may try it! 

Above is my hexagon quilt! It's pattern is called Grandmother's Flower Garden, but since the fabric is all skulls I call it the Graveyard Quilt.

I taught lil Robbie to sewing using hexagons!

Here's a hexagon pillow I put together, but one side was off a bit and now it's alittle crooked lol

Above is from Solgrim's flickr! I think it is so beautiful!
This is such a great quilt from H.E.L.E.N's flickr! 
The star is wonderful with all the vintage fabrics. 

day 2
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*karen said...

Wow that hexagon quilt is AMAZING. Truly inspirational.

chelseybell. said...

wow, that's seriously awesome.

i loove yours, and the second to last one.

pretty, as always!

thereddeer said...

Your quilt rocks!

Jo said...

interesting fabrics

check out my blog

singnals3 said...

i loove yours, and the second to last one.

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