Friday, July 3, 2009

honey bunny boo bear sweet pie angel face.....

I know everyone has a nick name! My real name is Rebecca, but I am NEVER called that, maybe when I was younger and in trouble or the first day of school every year. My friends and family have quite a few nick names for me, here they are:

I'm curious to know all of your nick names! Tell me please!!!! ;)
Oh forgot one (my dad reminded me via the text) Rebop! He called me that all growing up!
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daNgo said...

You can just call me papi ;)
LOL! j/k:

I've never had a lot of nicknames, back in grade school because of my ears they'd call me Mickey and Dumbo.

Because of my last name they'd call me Daniel Goma de Mascar (Daniel Chewing Gum)

Other than that, I just go by daNgo online.

Drea said...

My friends call me Drea. My mom calls me Dre Dre sometimes. Allan calls me Dre. And my grandparent's on my dad's side call me nezumi. :)

apparentlyjessy said...

loooool Fartly! I knew a Rebecca once...I called her Becarooni!

My nicknames are rather boring now I think of names are either Jessica (at work), Jessy (family & loved ones), Jess or B (friends).

Becky said...

Daniel lol you're agoof - I hate Papi!!! lol

Dre - I have a friend Andrea and she goes by Dre, what's nezumi mean or is it just a sweet name?

Jessica! Yes Fartley lol when I was lil I hated it but now it cracks me up! And some friend do call me Beckaroonin cheese lol - maybe becky is just an easy nickname name :) I like Jessy!

thereddeer said...

Lishy Loo
(my last name used to be Zakarevicius)

lolo sr said...

twinkle toes
lolo sr

i cant think of anymore :(

p.s. youre wearing a skirt of mine in your pictures >:(

also...why do i look sao tall next to you in the pics from the 4th...weirddddd

Lil said...

People call me Ginger because my hair's red. And Lil, of course, but that's a derivative of my real name Elizabeth!

I have one of those cute naked babies too, the one with the chicken head! So cute.

Love your blog!

JulieTew said...

Everyone just calls me Julie, sometimes my husband calls me Jules but thats about it. I'm so boring lol!

Oh wait...I went to my husbands family reunion a few weeks ago and everyone started calling me Pin Up! lol! So that might be a new one.