Monday, July 13, 2009

Hope for the Flowers

Another project completed!
 I've mentioned this book before, Hope for the Flowers, I just love it! 
I embroidered a few pages from the book - tada! 

I painted the actual beige fabric with a yellow and water mix.
Then I painted the hoop black. I've decided I love the hoops being painted, not just the bare wood.
I made copies of the book's pages I wanted to use, and then traced them right on to the fabric.
I love tracing paper now!!
Try to find this book! And share it with someone you care about!
I have a few more projects to share :) but not til tomorrow!
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Imaginary Outdoors said...

Lovely work! I never thought to paint the hoop.

carly. said...

my friend has a tattoo from that book! also, i think the embroidery is lovely. i so very wish i could do it...well, i'm sure i could, i've just never learned.

thereddeer said...

Very good - I think the painted hoop looks good too, great idea.

daNgo said...

Not a big surprise here but... never heard of this book :: shrugs ::

chelseybell. said...

i've never even thought of painting my hoops--a great idea!

the embroidery is wonderfully done.

i've also never heard of that book--google, here i come.

Agent of Hope said...

Wow! I was just searching Hope for the Flowers images and came across your blog. This is an amazing project ~ I love it! I work with Hope for the Flowers' author, Trina Paulus and am going to share this with her and on our facebook page. We are working on a new project to try to transform the book into an animated film with the help of all those that love it ~ looks like you do from all the time you put into this project. We'd love to have you on the team. Check out this link for the details: