Tuesday, July 14, 2009

It may be 97 degrees outside...

....but I was in  knitting mood last night! I have many friends who live up north, north to me is GA and up :) I felt a bit bummed my sister will be a whole plane ride away northward, so I started knitting her a scarf, which she can use in the chilling Nashville weather, eventually. 
As I was knitting Mickey thought he'd pretend to be a kitty and chase the yarn around! Well more like eat it. He hates when I don't pay attention to him!

I love knitting, though I'm not great at it and I ONLY knit, no purling. I would love if any of you gals know how to knit AND purl to give me any advise! Or direct me to some good tutorials please! I'd like to learn the correct way to knit and buy some super soft fancy yarn and make something!
This yarn was on sale for $2 bucks! Lauren that doesn't mean I love you any less lol - means I love you more! ;)
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lolo sr said...

:) aw sanks! it looks fretty, but i cant tell what color it is??? are you knitting at work? lollerblades

i still like the bangs...i wanna see what they look like all put straight down :)do that and post a pic...kthxbai

p.s. i think im coming home next weekend

Becky said...

no, just during lunch at my desk I took a pic because I forgot my camera - whomp whomp whomp. I'm stoked about you coming home :) Mickey misses punkinhead !

chelseybell. said...

ooh knitting--i'm dying to learn.

i love the colors of that yarn, so cute!

and, bargain gifts are the best kind.

cupcake cutie said...

awww, knitting - so cute.
i lovvvvvve your hair, adorable.

Becky said...

Cupcake cutie, what's your first name lol I feel silly asking!! Your new lil pic is so cute! I love those heart glasses but they look so silly on me :)

betty said...

I love to knit but I haven't anything since winter. I should though.
You are so pretty btw

cupcake cutie said...

my name is JULIE :)