Wednesday, July 15, 2009

July birthdays galore!

October must be a cuddly, super lovie month, because every week in July there's another birthday or two! At work I've eaten lots of cake and a good chuck of my friends and family have July birthdays! Happy birthday to you all! 

Here are some gifts I made for the robot lover. I've had this fabric for about a year and been promising robot pillows, and finally did it! I had to ask my aunt how to specifically make them because they are a bit tricky. 
I'm not sure what you call them officially, but I call them envelope pillows. You are able to take the pillow case off and wash it if need be. 
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thereddeer said...

Good work - you are so creative!

Becky said...

:) thank you! I get lots of help from my aunt jackie!