Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Just for fun!

And because I've done nothing crafty :)
I did get a new dunny! 
And this weird, but cute naked baby. I don't collect these, but I was curious! He has a little weenie and it cracks me up. I put him on my computer at work and he was staring at Daniel all day - it creeped Daniel out :)
Went to Ikea for work furniture with Daniel, my fellow coworker and bud. I don't like how huge Ikea is - don't wear sandals! 
Fabric I liked for some chairs that need recovering!

Also went to Ybor, and UrbanOutfitters has the cutest new stuff! 

Old building I park in front of all the time. It's kinda ugly most of the time, but the sky made it look pretty :)

My lil sis left and i miss her again! 
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Jennifer said...

AH! concrete floors and flat sandals definitely do not mix!

i loOove urban. they have so much fun stuff, it's like a toys r us for me haha...and that little naked baby cracks me up. I'm still chuckling a bit.

daNgo said...

Yay, one of the top10 most unflattering Daniel-pics ever! Your new pumped up orange does give us nice spray on tans tho :).

Queenbeeghf said...
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thereddeer said...

I like those little naked babies - very cute and weird at the same time.

betty said...

mustache mug<3333

carly. said...

omg! where did you get that naked baby? mikey & i collect things like that for our mantle and after seeing him, i need one!

also. i just made mikey one of those mustache mugs for his birthday...they are super easy. buy these acrylic paint markers from a craft store, a dollar store mug and make your own! super easy and cheap!

Inside the Cabinet of Wonder said...

i love your dunny! hes cool.
i am also in love with the mustache mug! and even more in love with the idea of making my own, thanks to carly!