Friday, July 10, 2009

Orange You Glad Apron

I started AND completed a project all in the same night!! 
I picked out Florida themed colors, because I love Florida - duh!

I think this apron took 3 hours total to make, not bad really!
I used my Seams to Me book by Anna Marie Horner, and loosely followed her pattern for a half apron. She's my absolute favorite fabric designer!
I just added a few details of my own! A J for Jackie - this is her birthday gift :)
I added the super long ribbon tie, so now it can tie in the front. This probably is bad for actual kitchen and cooking use, but it looks so cute! 
I cannot wait to give my aunt Jackie the apron! Tomorrow, we are going to a quilt show and Rainbows End quilt shop! I'm stoked!
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Molly Le Blanc said...

That is super cute ma'am! Who's in the picture?

Becky said...

lol oh that's headless me! :)

Molly Le Blanc said...

I thought so :) Love the green plants behind you too. Happy Quilting Weekend!!

thereddeer said...

Love it!! I need to make an apron for my baking time.

apparentlyjessy said...

Awesome apron Becky! I love love love the bright colours, I am sure your Aunt Jackie will adore it!

I loved your email, that wig shop would be SO fun to visit, I liked the look of the white one up the top... soooo resisting the urge to go buy another one now! :D

JulieTew said...

How cute!! I love the colors!!

*karen said...

Sweet. I see aprons that are so cute (like yours) that I can't help thinking, "This should be made into a skirt!"