Monday, July 6, 2009

Make a wish.....

Someone learned about Picnik! on Flickr - ME! 
I learned to round corners, change colors, etc. so all my pictures will be enhanced for a few weeks til I get bored with it :)

We celebrated the 4th and my cousin, Rachel's birthday!

My aunt made super cute starcakes!
I love finding moon in the daytime! 

I showed my cousin, Lolo, how to make a friendship bracelet. She's kinda young, so I just made her one, but she was interested in learning!
Lolo picked the color, they reminded me of Rainbow Bright!

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carly. said...

i dont know how to use picnik on flickr, teach me? i love the rounded edges!!

thereddeer said...

Very cool - I like the rounded edges. Also like the colour of the pics too.

daNgo said...

Way to pump up the orange becky :p. Lol at all the friendship bracelets. We are gonna party like its 1995!

apparentlyjessy said...

The friendship bracelets are totally cute, as are the star cupcakes! :)