Thursday, August 13, 2009

<3 dunny

A dunny for Carly!

She saw a picture of the lil plush dunnys I made for a friend's kiddos and joking said, "I want one"! I said for sure! Then she said we could do a craft swap, which I've never done before, so this is my first time! I'm stoked!

I am very bad at surprises, I can't keep them in! Birthdays, holidays, any gifts I purchase or make in advance are normally told to the recipient with in an hour to a day. It's a problem I know!!! So that is why Carly already knows what her dunny looks like and that is why it is ok for me to post it up here :)

This is Joel Dewberry's wood grain fabric which I love so much! I added a C + M for Carly and her Mikey. Mikey, not Mickey, no swapping Mickey!

And a lil embroidered heart because Carly tattooed a heart on herself lol so there you go!
Now there are other lil treats with this dunny and I will try to keep that a surprise.

I picked out an awesome hot air balloon journal that Carly made, it's so cute!

Everyone should check out Carly's journals and buy them, because they are tooooo awesome!

So anybody else wanna swap crafts :) this is fun!

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apparentlyjessy said...

Are you kidding Becky!? I would love to do a craft swap with you! I would really love to make you a personalised tote bag, or something!?

lolo sr said...

eeee maid of honor!!! not for a while tho ;)

i would wear the white one in a different color! or we could do a wedding switcharoo where i wear the white and you wear the colored dress lol

Penlyn said...

A plant/craft swap! A lovely crimson red penta or Brazilian red hot, or adorable rabbit's foot fern!
I did do a craft this weekend. I painted a drunken concrete armadillo chugging a bottle of booze. But if you got no garden, you got no place to put a drunk armadillo.

Becky said...

jessy! I would love to, but ps the stuff you make is way better than anything I can made lol maybe I could embroider you something pretty! Email me about it ;) Your stuff is awesome!

Penny! You're a nut! Ilove the armadillo chugging booze lol too bad if we swapped my greenthumb would probably kill all plants in its path! ;) we need to get together and do papa val's bday invite email me!

carly. said...

omgggg. those dresses are gorgeous! i'm personally a fan of the blue. it reminds me of grease and i lovelovelove the wardrobes in that movie!

ps: eeee!! my dunny ♥ i loved this post and i can't WAIT to get him in the mail! expect a bunch of photos :)

apparentlyjessy said...

Becky, I think your crafting and sewing skills are awesome, and equal to mine! I couldn't find your email address on here, so I'll leave you mine. I will have to make the due date for this a fair way ahead, as I have two tote bags I need to make first! But I am already dreaming up what I want to make for you...!
My email is