Thursday, August 6, 2009

all hands on deck

My brother, Danny, also found this huge ship picture for $3 while thrifting. What a deal!
Danny always is asking for me to make him a quilt. Yesterday to stay in the ship theme, he asked for a quilt with a boat on it. Oh Danny, you never make things easy. But luckily I remembered I have Last Minute Patchwork and Quilted Gifts and there's a boat quilt in it! Of course Danny wants to modify it :)
I went on etsy to find sailor inspired art! 
I love all these!
This print is from TugBoatPrintShop, it's beautiful!
Very cute anchor wallet by Cipolla!
This paper boat dress by ZoeChen is so pretty! I want to embroider something similar!
Mermaid rowboat by willowbaus! This would be perfect for alil kiddo!

Danny- I'll get a big battle ship tattooed on my chest to match the theme -Deal! Deal!
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cupcake cutie said...

i love anything nautical.
cuuute stuff

betty said...

I love that paperboat dress. How cute!

thereddeer said...

Lovely finds :D

lolo sr said...

allow me to briefly elaborate on the text message i sent you earlier:

mickey would be cartmen and you would be cartmen's mom:

"mom, mom, mom some take a picture of me with my laaammmbbsss!"
"not now sweetie. mommy's busy."
"buuuttt mmmmeeeeoommm!!"
"alright sweetie, go sit behind your lambs."

lololol i can just picture it

oh yea and i want that animal treeeeeeeee

carly. said...

so cute. love all that stuff!
the print would make a WICKED tattoo!

chelseybell. said...

whatever, cereal's totally healthy...well, sometimes. i think i eat it too in place of meals too often.

we'll probably live to be 180 and people will wonder what our secret is.

Penlyn said...

That lil mermaid boat is not just for lil kids. Can it be made? For mermaid-obsessed friends?