Tuesday, August 11, 2009

busy beck

I had a very funny and busy weekend! My friend Kris came into town for her dad's retirement party. I got to see fishies with Sol and Justice. Then at my aunt Jackie's we had a quilting day.
The stuffed dunnys were for Sol & Justice, which they really seemed to love. Their dad has a zillion dunnys and the kids just get to play with them lol - they have way more awesome dunnys than me! Robert and I are alil jealous lol!

Here's Kris & I at the Tampa Fire House Museum for her very awesome dad's retirement party. I miss her so much, but it is always fun to visit Boston or have her down here for a visit.
On Sunday I got to play with fabric, thread, and everything quilt related! It was great! We put together some charity quilts, ate lots of food, drank tea, and chatted, so it was a pretty perfect day!
Oh Mickey - he's in need of a hair cut. He can barely see!
But isn't he sooooo cute? Or is it just me? lol
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Molly Le Blanc said...

Love the pic of you and K - very very cute. Busy weekend as always for Miss Beck!

GraphXGrrl said...

lol, Mickey does look really cute

chelseybell. said...

aww, he's adorable.

the fluffier the dog, the more love i seem to have for it :).

thereddeer said...

Love the stuffed dunnies :)

apparentlyjessy said...

It's not just you, Mickey is adorable!! Your Sunday really does sound like a perfect day!

Shani said...

Thank you so much for the pictures and the dunnys you made for the boys. I had fun hanging with you guys. Sorry if I was a baby about the heat. Lets try to hangout before I leave.<3