Thursday, August 13, 2009

I want.....

...this lil hilarious merbaby print, but I want it as a tattoo please!
You can get the print at Urban Outfitters. ....this book. Has anyone read it? I'm finished with my vampire books (minus twilight) and I think this is a good book to follow the vamps. So tell me if you've read it and liked it and why, like alil book report :)

....these sooooo bad! I think if I ever get married I would like to have the blue one as my wedding dress! Or maybe the white, and Lauren (my sister and obvious maid of honor) can wear the blue, but I'd want to keep it after the wedding ok- deal?
...this too! I always love headbands, but they don't always look good on me lol This one looks very nice on this gal!
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chelseybell. said...

that merbaby would make such a great tattoo.

i haven't read that book either, but it seems everyone else has. if you do read it, let me know what you think about it.

i can't wear headbands either. i'm sure they look okay, but i'm never satisfied.

Penlyn said...

Trent says you can wear whatever dress you want to get married (but letting Lauren wear the blue and making her give it to you afterward is problem solved and you have two great dresses.)
A friend of mine was psyched to read Pride & Prejudice & Zombies and didn't like it. I like the cover, though

thereddeer said...

Those dresses are amazing! Love them!

The Fancy Lady said...

i loveee that white dress its amazing

cupcake cutie said...

i la la love the blue dress and the head band.
to die for!