Tuesday, August 25, 2009

If I had a zillion dollars......

....I'd buy a house, but then I'd buy all this :)

The one above reminds me of Sookie from True Blood!

All these cute items can be found on PlasticLand.com

I currently embroider things, but I've never learned different techniques, so I need this book!

These buttons remind me on Coraline!
I would like a whole Christmas tree decked out in robots!
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Euphoria said...

that green dress is to die for!! I LOVE IT!!

And you should totally do a tree in robots this year- fab!!

Miss Wanderlust said...

1. I can't wait to see your Christmas tree full of robots. You should totally do it :)
2. Thank you so much for participating in my quilt. I love your style so much so I am even more excited!! Email me at janel (dot) maclean (at) gmail (dot) com and I can send you my address!!
Thanks love

chelseybell. said...

the robot christmas tree is a definite must-do. if you don't, i might cry.

Jennifer said...

ooo coraline! and I coveted that emroidery book on a site I saw last week!. terrible, i know. But it's definitely a must have!!

cupcake cutie said...

omg robot christmas tree? heck yes.

i lovvvve the dresses, esp the green one xo

daNgo said...

If you had a zillion dollars you better buy me my own apple store :D

Kate8085 said...

Oh my god, I am dying over the green dress!
So cute!!
Can't wait for some XMAS tree photos!

Pansieberry said...

the embroidery book looks really interesting. when you get a zillion dollars, buy that first. ;)

lacy said...

yay I just found you via Jennifers blog! Eeee such a cute lil blog you have here!

I want that green mad men dress! OMG SO CUTE! It's sold out : (

apparentlyjessy said...

Gah! You have such good taste, all three of those dresses are so fine! I agree, the middle one does remind me of Sookie...a good excuse to get the dress - dress up as her for Halloween!!

I love your idea for a robot decked Christmas tree, I sure hope you do it!

ElizabethJane. said...

cute cute CUTE dresses!

I love finding blogs written by people of similar tastes (you take lovely photographs, btw), so I'm following you :)

Sweet Escape said...

WOA!!..that green dress is to die for!!!...i wish i had a zillion dollars too!!!