Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Keep Smiling

I woke up today so happy and surprised it was already Wednesday!! It was the best feeling! More often than not I wake up and think NOOOOO when will the weekend be here! But not today! Today is good!
 The weekend is almost here, that means craft show, tattooing, seeing friends, & family birthday party.
The day was made even better with some wonderful starbucks!

Thought I'd share this thread picture because it makes me smile!

Last night was not a smiley night, I was trimming Mickey's nails and I made him bleed :(
I cut one too short! I felt so terrible, I wrapped his lil foot up and carried him around lol he'll live! Here he is pouting!

Smile because the weekend is almost here! In the comments tell why you have something to smile about!
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Robert Rules said...


I BLEED PINK said...

You are too cute!!

lolo sr said...

i'm smiling bc i have an awesomeeee new apartment that i get to move into soon :) and bc i have a little pumpkin!!!

carly. said...

tattooing? are you getting something new? i've been itching too lately...hmmm!

i am smiling because i get to see my best friend this weekend annnd i get to dress up as i am also going to a wedding on saturday and dressing up is always fun!

chelseybell. said...

i'm smiling because i get to see an old friend this weekend.

when i saw that you cut mickey's nails too short, it just reminded me of those pedi-paws commercials.

at least you took care of him though!

Andrea said...

Poor Mickeroni! Well at least you cut them -- Human's nails are starting to look like Talons! Tell Larbear he needs to cut them for me - he could do for his b-day! lol

I smile because you are my bestie!

thereddeer said...

Ouch! I hate it when I cut my cats nails too short.

I'm smiling because my cold is nearly gone :)

Drea said...

I'm smiling because it's my day off and pay day. :P

India Daisy said...

Love the blocks!
Love the wall colour...last pic.

apparentlyjessy said...

Hmm, I have a cold, so not smiling about that, but it does mean I can lye around and do some sewing though! Love that pic of the threads, I need a wide colour range like that!

cupcake cutie said...

you are so adorable.

i'm smiling because every night before bed i have a phone chat with my boyfriend and i can't help but smile when he's the last person i talk to/last thing on my mind before bed.