Thursday, August 13, 2009

More Shrinking!

I did some more shrinking last night! 
The shrink film directions said I could use a laser printer, but not an inkjet print to print on the shrink film, so I did. They turned out just OKAY. I took some imagines a friend and I made, and Strumpets and Beckstar and printed them. The FANGS heart did not work out well, and the words under the skull, which said BOSSY BONES shrunk so much you can't read them. 

So there's a few kinks, but I'll work them out :)

Oh and the heat has to be 300 degrees, no higher or they will bubble and do funky stuff!

So here you can see how big they were before I shrunk them. Oh I hole punch them before I bake them too.
These are the imagines I used! The BOSSY BONES was drawn by Robert I have no idea why he would call me bossy bones ;)  The FANGS heart I made in Photoshop. For the words I just found the fonts at and tada!
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I BLEED PINK said...

This looks like fun!

andrea said...

Oh man. It's like 100 degrees here in NC too...but maybe you will need a beret in winter-time! (PS: free shipping if you type "MAGA NERA" in the 'notes to seller' at etsy)

I love your Shrinkydinks! The graffiti font is really cool. :D

chelseybell. said...

just curious, what do you use of all this shrinky-dinking for (the hole-punch made me wonder)?

even if they're just for adding to a knick-knack collection, they're still cute!

Becky said...

chelsey - the strumpets one I wanted to make into a necklace :) and the other can be used for keychains, or charms on bracelets. And knick-knacks lol why not I am kinda a packrat so it's fitting ;)
oh or dog tags or ornaments lol so many things!

chelseybell. said...

i figured it was for keychains and charmy things.

the idea of a shrinky dink decorated christmas tree is amazing to me.

thereddeer said...