Wednesday, August 5, 2009

My sister and I hit the road to Nashville this weekend with a pup and a very packed lil car. She's moving up there for grad school. The car drive was extremely uncomfortable, but we had fun. Oh and ps - our dad is the best - for so many reasons -if the man believed in saints, he'd be one ;)

Luckily, before we left, Lauren got to say good bye again to Andy, the little girl she's nannied for a few years now. I was very happy to FINALLY met Andy!

We saw so many signs like this one on the way to Nashville. I'm from Florida, and yes Florida is south, but it is not THE SOUTH. Don't get me wrong we do have this in Florida, but I have never seen anything like this! It was soooooo fun counting all the crazy signs! We took as many pictures as we could! So listen up! OR else!!!!

Some other awesome stuff, my money cat dunny arrived!

Oh and did I tell you I got a new iPhone!? We used it so much on the trip to Nashville. It's very handy! We used the map feature a ton, the camera, the food apps, Lauren could look up facebook, I played Sudoku, oh and the cheap gas app. All great!
I am very excited about the up coming weekend! My very best friend is coming down from Boston! Going to the aquarium! And quilting lol!

I finished the last Sookie Stackhouse book and it was so great! I'm so bummed I have to wait til Oct. 6th for book 10!!!!! NO THE 10th BOOK ACTUALLY COMES OUT MAY 2010 :(
My grandma and my friend Daniel are reading them! :)
Read them -you'll love them!
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chelseybell. said...

oh man. signs like that crack me up.

it's not church related, but the lastest one i saw said "keep america free: buy bullets". uber-patriots are right up there with the turn-or-burners.

lolo sr said...

remind me to tell you something about when i got my oil changed (unless i already have)

pumpkin misses car rides, he hates lulabelle, maxine, and beau, and he thinks the horses are crazy! he sits at the window and watches them :)

sanks again for road trippin' with me! your blog made me sad about leaving andie :(

oh yea...and the remote still doesnt work (so thanks for that jkjk) so i have to go thru channels with the box thing...kill me (as danny farley says!)


carly. said...

haha i love signs like that. you said you took lots of photos? got anymore! ps: i also just read a girls blog with a whole bunch of thrift shops that are in nashville. if that's something your sister likes i could look up the blog for ya if you'd like. they looked sweet! and local honey is there...that place looks awesome. i've never been to nashville but it looks like fun!

ps: so do you!! i hope one day we can meet :)

pps: i work for rogers...the provider in canada who sells the iphone. is yours the new 3GS? the iphones sweet but phone plans in canada are soooo expensive. blah! i like your red skull holder.

Becky said...

Chelsey - we saw signs like that too! Like "I love American, if you don't get out" lolol wow really? cranky

lo - i miss you already :(

Carly- Aww that would be awesome!
That would be very cool to meet! You look like a very fun gal, happy, crafty, and an animal lover :) deal lets hang out one day!! for real!

send the links :)

my 3GS phone is the best!! I think my plan is expensive, but I got unlimited minutes lol bc i have to, or my bill would be 3x that.

singnals3 said...

it's not church related, but the lastest one i saw said "keep america free: buy bullets". uber-patriots are right up there with the turn-or-burners.

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thereddeer said...

Love that sign - how funny!

apparentlyjessy said...

Hahaha, that sign cracked me up, we don't have anything like that that I am aware of in Adelaide OZ, but we do have a few churched that write crazy things on their message boards.

I love the Money Cat Dunny, its pretty darn cool!

I agree with the iPhone coolness, I've become so attached to mine, couldn't survive without it any more! Love the cover you have!

Penlyn said...

The dentist office signs ... those are the ones to watch for.
.. Love ur blog Becky! I'm fav-ing it.