Thursday, August 20, 2009

Rainbows & Stars

Today I was reading through my daily blogs and saw this!
I was amazed! I really want to try and make this! 
Julie gave these directions. I found this too. I don't even like to eat jello! Aren't there horse's hooves in jello? -yes!
But these look so pretty and everyone (else) loves Jello!

I also found these beautiful constellations by Miniture Rhino!
I just think these are incredibly clever! 
I rarely see embroidery done on dark fabric. 

Orion, the hunter above!

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Jennifer said...

holy moses, that jello looks amazzzzing!

Robert Rules said...

but i love jello

PaisleyJade said...

The jello looks amazing - I've never had jello before (being a NZer) and I just love embroidery on black fabric!

lolo sr said...

you don't like jello?!?!?!? i LOVEEEEEE jello!!! nom nom nom

Alice said...

Wow, that embroidery is really cute, such a good idea. ♥

thereddeer said...

Yay for jello! Also that embroidery is such a cool idea!

apparentlyjessy said...

I agree Julies rainbow jello is a stunning dessert!
And I do love the star embroidery, looks so pretty on the dark background.

Kate8085 said...

Wow! That jello is serious!

I am a huge fan of Jessica's work!

India Daisy said...

Cool jell-o, clicked on the yes...oh my word, i thought it was a myth! LOL!

Euphoria said...

Ew Ew EWWWW- I never ever knew hooves were in Jell-O! Gross!

It does taste good though! :o)

Constellation embroidery ROCKS!

JulieTew said...

Jello is like spam or hot's really tasty, just don't start thinking about what's in it!

You should totally make it! It's honestly not that big of a pain, I'm just a big baby! It's a lot of, pour a layer, wait 15 mins, pour another layer, wait another 15 mins, etc....