Friday, August 21, 2009


Oh man more strink'n! Once I started I couldn't stop! I realized there is no real use for these, except for kid's zipper pulls! So I made every kid I know a personalized zipper pull! They can use them on their backpacks! 
I used my phone to show the actual size of the shrunken dinks lol
I used Red Velvet Art's embroidery drawings from the last RVA class for a few dinks!
Here is my mess! I need more room, or a room just for crafting!
You can see how much they shrink, the dunny in the background was the original size.
And I couldn't forget Mickey! Here's more pictures.
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lolo sr said...

omg can i have one?!?!? they are sooooo cute! at first i was like...uh why would rachel want a little old man zipper pull and then i realized that it said nevermind! oh yea and i never even thought about it but rachel and robbie have the same initials...cute :)

thereddeer said...

So cute - looks like you are having lots of fun shrinking :)

Robert Rules said...

the RMH one is the coolest one

Mei said...

Those look cute! I've wanted to play with Shrink for a while now but they don't sell it at the craft stores here so I'd have to buy them online. Boo! I'm glad you had fun making these cute little trinkets :)

I BLEED PINK said...

These are super cute and looks like you had a ton of fun working with it.