Wednesday, August 26, 2009

So Stoked!

On my daily blog list is the lovely cupcake perfecter, Alicia!
Alicia held a giveaway and guess who won -ME!!! I'm so stoked!
Look at the awesomeness I win - Lino cupcake card! Mine are going to be orange, because orange is my most favorite color! Jessy won too - she's my newest craft swap gal!
Now I've found a new craft I would like to try - LINO! Tell me this doesn't look awesome!
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carly. said...

sweet!! i've never won a giveaway :( also...just wanted to let you know i have a ups message on my door and they are going to drop it off tomorrow!! sooo excited :D
have you gotten yours yet?

Becky said...

:) yay finally -grrr UPS!!! Mine's not here yet but I'm sure any day! I'm so excited- of course I'll blog all about it ;)

chelseybell. said...


lolo sr said...

yay!!! woohoo!!!

i'm sorry for being a crappy sister and not commenting for days and days...grad school might literally kill me. I've never received so much information in 4 days...i dont know how they expect me to remmeber all the stuff...@#%@%$#...oh well!

thanks for the dinks and change purse :)

apparentlyjessy said...

We are so lucky aren't we!? I was so stoked when I saw I won a print!

I did a tea cup in Lino in high school, it is awesome fun...I wish I could find it. The scraping part is very relaxing. Lovebot neeeeeds to be done in Lino!

Christine said...

I would put it in a frame, yes:)

Becky said...

Jessy, I've never heard of Lino - is that strange? It's soooo awesome - I'm going to of course try it and my first thought was LOVEBOT!!!!! ;) great minds!

cupcake cutie said...

omfg sooooo cute!i love love love them.
i won a tutu once from gala darling & it was the best moment ever! feels great,
enjoy! xxxo

thereddeer said...

I sent it yesterday - hope you like it!