Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Treasures at Nanny's (part 2)

I have a small collection of antique pin cushions. Nanny gave me this lil birdie pin cushion! Pretty cute right!?

Rick Rack FOREVER!!! Here is a heads up for family and friends - you will be receiving a crafted something/gift with rick rack because I now have about 50 of these lil guys!

My Nanny has at least tried every craft! She has so many different supplies! Since she has a more active social life than most of us, she doesn't have time to sew, needle point, or crochet, so she let me have some of the craftiness!
I'm wanting to learn to crochet. Do any of you know a good tutorial? Or have any pointers? Like why are the crochet needles so many different sizes? Please let me know!
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danny said...

lok for all my old toys too!
crochet me a boat, ill send you real pics of my new rooom

chelseybell. said...

the rick rack collection is wonderful.

thereddeer said...

Love all of that rick rack!

susan said...

I think tiny needles (or skinny needles) are for thin yarn, and, or tight knots. Big needles, I believe, are for heavy yarn, and, or loose knots. Liddy thinks crochet is easier than knitting.

Emmy said...

i wish i was super crafty like this :-) that antique pin cushion is utterly adorable.

Chantel said...

That pin cushion is awesome!! :)

I tought myself how to crochet online this year and made a blanket for my new baby nephew

Here is the website I used

Hope this helps! :)

Penlyn said...

You have an awesome nanny, giving you all that shit! 2 funny she's 2 busy for it

Itsy Bitsy Spider said...

First off, I absolutely LOVE your blog. You have such fun/cute/cool stuff!

I've been crocheting for almost 20 years now and I'm self-taught. I've done pretty much everything with crochet, but I've been really into amigurumi for the past year or so. I have some basics and tutorials on my blog and I'd love to help you get started. Stop on by and say hello!


Haley said...

I am now obsessed with your cute little blog! My personal favorite is "Nanny's Trinket's" haha. I was telling Danny how I want one of your quilts! I hope you're great!