Monday, August 31, 2009

Weekend Wonderfulness

The highlight of my weekend was this thrifted Mickey look alike cookie jar!!! 
My aunt Jackie, and Nanny, and I went to lunch Saturday and then hit the antique shops. I found this jar for 50% off so I was stoked! Look at Mickey posing with it lololol!

I spent time with my favorite kiddos! I'm about 20 years older than my cousins, lol they are more like nieces and nephews! We made shrinky dinks, they were so excited about it!
We got together for Lex's 13th belated birthday! We had cake and JELLO!! Oh yes, that's right I tried again with the rainbow jello. This time I borrowed my aunts bunt pan, and it came out better! 
Here's a ps: no one really eats the jello lol everyone likes to look at it, but no one eats it!
Here are some embroidery pieces I finished this weekend!

I made this iTouch cover for Lex's birthday! 
Since I've been doing so much embroidery I thought it would be a good idea to unknot all my thread! Knot fun! Those lil knots are tricky, a few times I gave up and just cut the thread!

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maedchenmitherz said...

i love your embroidery <3 and the jelly looks really yummy!

ooooh, and i also have this knot-problem -.-* there's no good solution, right?!


Kate8085 said...

The jello is an outstanding accomplishment, I don't think I could even begin to figure that out.

Love the ipod cover and all of your new embroidery!

And as far as Mickey? Cute as always!

I BLEED PINK said...

I love the photo with the cookie jar. My dog would never sit that still to allow me to take such a cute photo!

chelseybell. said...

i give up and cut the thread allll the time. it makes me feel wasteful, but i'd rather waste a little thread than an hour getting one knot out of a thousand.

cute cousins.
cute jello.
cute cookie jar.

Becky said...

Thank you gals!! PS: Mickey sits for no one, but he couldn't get off there lol so he just sat out of boredom!! Tricky tricky!!! ;)

daNgo said...

I like Jell O :D

Pau said...

that's the cutest picture ever :)
love ur dog!

ElizabethJane. said...

Haha, yay for shrinky dinks!
I haven't done one of those in forever :P

And ADORABLE ITouch cover, btw.
Makes me want to get out my needles and thread at 1am and start a project :P

betty | said...

hahaha the cookie jar is hilarious. So cute!

Molly Le Blanc said...

Everything is so cute Beck! Super cute. Make me a jello - I used to eat it everyday in the old FF days :)

Euphoria said...

Mickey looks just like the jar! Too cute!

Your Jello ROCKS you hoove-eater!

lina said...

i've awarded you!

Becky said...

molly! I remember!!! :) you're a hoof eater!

Lina, what does awarding me mean lol I'm kinda new to the blogger world :)

thereddeer said...

How cute is Mickey! Also love the Fangs embroidery - you are one talented woman.

Viva La Fashion said...

cookie jar is adorable and looks a lot like him.

andrea said...

Haha, "knot fun." Sometimes I like unraveling knots for some reason... weird, eh?

apparentlyjessy said...

Naw, that cookie jar sure does look like Mickey! So cute getting him to pose with it!

I love your embroideries, especially the fang one! I dunno how you find the time to get so much crafting done!