Wednesday, September 2, 2009

blog bud swap

First swap - completely amesome!!!
I had my first craft swap with Miss Carly! It's sooo fun! Carly is a way too cute gal who blogs about her craftiness, fun times, and her Mikey!
 She paints these mole skin journals so perfectly cute! She's going to start a etsy shop soon! I picked out the air hot balloon journal, you know perfect for a girl with her head in the clouds :) 
She also made this super cute heart pin! 
And all these goodies!!!! I love the boy and girl! What should I make with them? I have a few ideas, but what are yours? The scissor button is my most favorite! 
I told Carly we need to do a holiday swap - so get ready for that!
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Molly Le Blanc said...

I love the hot air balloon - super cute! And it's a journal? Awesome!

chelseybell. said...

the scissor button is adorable!

she would send cute stuff, she's so like that.

lolo sr said...

why was jesse davis at the britney spears concert? jkjk...but that guy looks like him lol

Becky said...

oh lo you're so clever lol - for the recorded jesse was better looking than that fellow!

Itsy Bitsy Spider said...

What a great idea! I looked at your swap package to Miss Carly ( and you are just too sweet! I would love to collaborate with you sometime!

apparentlyjessy said...

That sure is a darn cute journal!

thereddeer said...

Yay for lots of foodies - love that little journal.

carly. said...

awww people like my stuff!!
i'm glad you liked it too :)

Anonymous said...
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