Friday, September 11, 2009

A day in the life of Becky's iPhone

Black balloon fun!
Difficult to drive with 2 dozen balloons in the PT.

Vices: Caffeine and lipbalm

Sewing sewing sewing + RVA = love
Risky: grocery store sushi

Pants on fire!!!

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Euphoria said...

Awesome iphone adventures!! :o)

Grocery store sushi is super scary! Good luck with it!

Enjoy your weekend!!


thereddeer said...

mmmm gum balls!

I used to do general admin at the print company - but yeah I am down with paper, card, CMYK, all of it! Lots of fun :D

lolo sr said...

excuse me, i LOVE grocery store sushi...i buy it all the time and i've never gotten sick from it :) you shouldnt discriminate about grocery store sushi...thats where all your other food comes from, right? but the difference is that the meat you buy at the grocery store is not prepared on site...but the sushi IS!!! lol youre readers are gonna be like...who is this crazy lolo sr ranting about grocery store sushi? bahahaha...what does pants on fire mean under the gum balls?

lolo sr said...

and why was your car filled with black balloons? clown funeral?

Becky said...

Pants on fire - liar liar, pants on fire, because it says magic gumballs :)

And the black balloons are or Daniel's bday, he likes blue and black lol so there you go!

lolo sr said...

how do YOU know theyre not magic gumballs? did you eat one?

Becky said...

:) fair enough lo