Monday, September 28, 2009

Dunny <3

I got you! I know you all are starting to looooooOOooove dunnys! You know why because they are awesome and a mystery, who doesn't love a mystery?! Blind box toys in general are just fun!
Here's a few more dunnys from series 6 I now have! Plus that first one there is a chaser, which means it's more difficult to find! I got it!
Just look at this guy! Cute........ and then he just gets cuter!

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Allison Drew said...


cupcake cutie said...

awwww i love that bumble bee one.
really really cute.

betty | said...

:O must have that bumblebee!!!!

India Daisy said...

is there a website to buy theses Dunny's, now that i have one!

daNgo said...

Lol, it always takes me a little while to figure out the dunnys. SO the one on the left its a little chinese food box! clever!

Now... the one in the middle, I fail to see the theme, is like a landscape... with a plane... also a compass (North & South?) Explain!

Laurie Anne said...

I love the bumbly bee guy! he is soooo cute!

thereddeer said...

Oh man that bumble bee is just soooo cute! I know I say it a lot but I am incredibly jealous of your dunny collection!

Lyn said...

this is my first time being introduced to dunnies :D
they are soooo adorable :)
I love love the middle one - with trees and birds print :)
although bumblebee makes me go awww!