Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Dunny Series 6

Obviously I'm stoked! Series 6 comes out today!
It's no giant bearbrick ;) but dunnys are just as awesome!
I hope I get the white one in the middle covered in what I think is blood, it's so cute! Carly, here's your chance for your second dunny! Go out and find them in Canada :) Do you have an UrbanOutfitters there? It's a dare, go find em! Deal!?

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India Daisy said...

Ah i wish we were able to get these...they so adorable.

betty | said...

I think the white one is my favorite too.
Have you posted your dunny collection before? If not then you should!

thereddeer said...

Yep the blood one is super cute :)

carly. said...

we do have them at uo...i just never thought to buy one cause i didn't know how cute they were. that, and they have hello kitty ones too and those win anyday! haha

Anonymous said...

TACO BELL has toys in thier happy meals that look like Dunnies without the ears! I took a pic with my IPHONE -- Go get one! Love you! ant

Becky said...

Andrea T - This is what you're talking about and it's all the buzz in toy land: