Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Embroidery <3

This little lady made my day! She emailed me asking if I could embroider a simple heart with her and her loves initials, and of course I said YES! She wanted a very simple natural look, browns and greens- tada!

I hope she loves it! 
While I was embroidering this I realized I know several couples with these initials :) Molly & Adam, Matt & Adrienne, Aunt (sue) & Mike, does that count lol! Cute! So if you would like me to embroider something for you just email me becksorange (at) gmail (dot) com, soon I'll make an etsy product in my lil shop, but for now just email me :)
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ElizabethJane. said...

Cute :)
I like the antique look to this.

Euphoria said...

saw your showcase on the feeling stitchy blog- NICE job lil lady!!

Becky said...

lolol I didn't even know!!!! How neat! Thank you for telling me!!

chelseybell. said...

cute as always.

and congrats on being mentioned over at feeling stitchy!

thereddeer said...

Yay! I hope you sell lots in your etsy shop :)

The Fancy Lady said...

i love it thank you so much for making this for me i cant wait to get it !

susan said...

No, Aunt Sue and Mike doesn't count. Ha, ha!
Anyway, you do amazing work! I still say, you're the most creative person I know.
Aunt Sue

Becky said...

:) hi aunt sue!!! I miss you guys!! I love you!! Thanks for being so sweet! Everyone should see the costumes you made for the kiddos! They are amazing :)