Monday, September 14, 2009

Halloween Embroidery

I love all things Halloween, and I did some embroidery to show that!

I love skeletons!
I LOVE Frankenstein! (this ones my favorite) I'm going to put them up on my etsy! 
These are just the beginning! I'm going to make one for ghosts, that says BOO! One for witches, what should that say? A mummy one, all wrapped up! Do you have any other ideas? 

And I'm embroidering this, Happy Camper! I thought I'd try something different. I took the green and blue (grass & sky) fabric, sewed it up, painted the silver airstream trailer, and now I'm embroidering it! I'm definitely a happy camper, what about you? What are you happy about even though it's Monday?

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brother said...

hanging on my wall in my room? i heard its the new quilting room? livid. i better have a bed! make me a good one, skull n cross bones? sail boat? think about it love you

The Fancy Lady said...

omg how cuteee love the halloween ones you should make a true blood one id be all over that!

Becky said...

oh I did :)

apparentlyjessy said...

Fantastic idea! I love the franken-stitches one! You have a great sense of humour Becky, and amazing design skills to boot!

thereddeer said...

I love the Frankenstein one - very cool!