Thursday, September 10, 2009

Head of the Party Planning Committee

Who wants Jello!? Tomorrow is Daniel, my bud/coworkers bday, so as the person who gets cakes and crap for work birthdays I am making a Jello Cake!! Maybe you're thinking, won't you ruin the surprise by blogging about it? Oh no I was told no real cake lol! Rotten Tots! 

Daniel made a zillion dunny cut outs for my bday at work, it was so awesome! So I Jello Cake is equally as awesome right lolol!
I was also TOLD to make a "grownup" monster hoodie for him! At least he's direct right? 
So one Jello Cake and monster hoodie coming up!
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daNgo said...

Woot Woot! Go Daniel!!!
I hope people at work dont like Jell-o :D cos me want it all!

thereddeer said...

You will be the Jello queen soon :)

alissa said...

ooo a grownup monster hood - this will be very interesting!

lydia said...

that's so nice of you!
love it.

Euphoria said...

You're so sweet- I can't wait to see the grown up hoodie!!

Jennifer said...

me next, me next!

lolo sr said...

I'm the head of the Committee to plan parties...oh yeah...and i want a monster hoodie for my bday too! I'm sure I'll fit in smashingly with the folks at vanderbilt!