Thursday, September 10, 2009

Midnight Dunny Run!

I did not venture out at midnight to Daddy Kool's in St. Pete, I'm a big sleepy head! Robert did, because he's a nut, and bought a case! I got two awesome dunnys! THANK YOU!!! Oh the dunny always come with a sticker or card, and this time they are die cut dunnys!! So exciting for a gal in the print industry! Geez I sound lame!
I got my lil bloody dunny, it reminds my of two things: 1. Mickey eating a strawberry donut. 2. All the Dexter ads that are out now. It's sooooo cute!
Kiss this cook lol yum!
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thereddeer said...

Very cute dunnies you have there.

I didn't know that you worked in the print industry - I used to be an admin worker for a printing company :D

betty | said...

you got the bloody one! lucky!

the cook is cute too. I'm so jealous of your dunny collection!