Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Note to my dad:

Please make me this!! My dad checks my blog everyday, and it makes me so so happy! He is an awesome handyman/craftsman/woodworker, so..........MAKE ME A WOODEN DUNNY! Please!

pretty please!
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chelseybell. said...

oh, those are so adorable.

if he made you a ton, you could paint them yourself, and make super cool ones.

or just leave them all woodsy, because they're still cute that way :).

carly. said...

super cute!

my mum reads my blog too...i love that.

thereddeer said...

He should definitely make you one - go on Becky's dad!

lolo sr said...

i realized why the creeptastic wizard that he made me spins around in my apt...bc it doesnt have a blood spot on the he's turning to daddys direction...makes sense, right?

Mika said...

This is so cool. Mika (